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Staying Safe this Halloween: Trick-or-Treat Safety Tips

Halloween is a fun time for kids. However, make sure it is also a safe time. Here are a few tips every parent should think about...

Halloween fun and safetyWow, its hard to believe it, but Halloween is almost here, and is a great time to be a kids and a great day for children. However, it is also a day in which caution and safety should be taken. Here are a few tips every parent should think about thi, some of which have been recommended by the National Safety Council.

  • Make sure that a parent or guardian accompanies the kids when they go out trick-or-treating.
  • Do not enter homes or apartments without adult supervision.
  • Only visit those homes in which you know the families.
  • If you have older kids who are going out with friends, instruct them to stay within the neighborhood, and to walk along a well lit route
  • Remind them to look both ways when they cross the street. Kids who wear dark clothing are especially vulnerable to drivers who cannot see them at night.
  • If your child is going out with a group of other children, ensure that his or her name, address, and telephone number is tucked inside his or her pocket. This is just in case they get separated from the group.
  • Walk on sidewalks, not in the street.
  • Walk on the left side of the road, facing traffic if there are no sidewalks.
  • Check for any holes in candy or candy bars or partially open candies. Throw out baked goods that are homemade, unless you know the origin.
  • Do not cross yards and lawns where they cannot see objects or come across uneven terrain can cause them to fall.
  • Don’t accept any rides from strangers or talk to them either.
  • Avoid pets you don’t know.
  • After your kids bring home their treats, inspect everything in their treat bag.
  • Always know where you are.
  • Treat bags carried by youngsters should be light-colored or trimmed with reflective tape if children are allowed out after dark.
  • Walk; do not run, from house to house.
  • Masks can sometimes obstruct a child’s vision. If masks are worn, they should have nose and mouth openings and large eye holes.
  • Give your kids a time when they should return home.
  • Advise your kids not to eat any treat before they come home.
  • Wash fruit and slice into small pieces. 
  • When in doubt, throw it out. 

Have fun this Halloween, but stay safe. From all of us here at More4kids Happy Halloween!!

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