Natural Disasters

Natural Disasters – Is Your Family Prepared?

Each year the United States experiences a number of different natural disasters each year, ranging from earthquakes, floods, fires, and hurricanes to name a few. Is your family prepared in the event of a natural disaster? Here are a few tips...

Is your family prepared for a natural disaster?The United States experiences a number of different natural disasters each year, ranging from earthquakes, floods, fires, and hurricanes to name a few. Each part of the United States is more likely to experience a certain type of natural disaster, and no location is completely safe from the many natural disasters that can occur. Homes, businesses, and other structures can be severely damaged during different natural disasters, and even lives can be taken under extreme circumstances. Although natural disasters cannot be prevented or avoided, there are many ways to keep your home and family safe in case one were to occur.

The first step in preparing your family for a natural disaster is to determine which natural disasters you should be worried about based mostly on where you live. The Pacific, Atlantic, and Gulf Mexico coasts are most likely to experience a hurricane, while locations near fault lines should worry about earthquakes. Tornadoes usually occur in the plains, and floods typically in the Midwest and other areas with high levels of rain fall each year. Fires usually occur in areas with low humidity and high winds, and homes near volcanoes should also be prepared for the worst. By determining what risks your home may have, you can safely prepare your family and home in case a natural disaster was to occur.

Even though you cannot prevent or avoid a natural disaster from occurring, there are many ways to keep your home safe if one were to occur. By cutting brush and dry plants near your home, you can protect it from the fires that occur in low humidity areas. Securing shelves and items on the shelves works great for earthquake areas, since securing those items will prevent them from falling and causing any injuries.

Most homes in areas that are at risk for hurricanes or tornadoes usually have basements, and they should be used as a protective shelter if a natural disaster occurs. You can stock your basement with non-perishable food and bottle water to prepare for the worst, along with a first-aid kit in case anyone is injured. It is important to plan an escape route with your entire family, in order to make sure everyone knows what to do if an emergency were to occur. Plan a meeting location for the entire family to meet, so you can avoid someone getting left behind or trapped inside the home. Also discuss with your family what to do in case a natural disaster were to occur, such as finding shelter in a hurricane or earthquake.

Over 50 natural disasters were declared in the year 2006, ranging from severe flooding and storms in Louisiana to blazing fires in California. Natural disasters are completely unpredictable and cannot be stopped, but you can keep your family and home safe by preparing for the worst. By preparing your home and having resources available, you can keep your family safe and away from harm. By knowing what to do when a natural disaster occurs, you will have a better chance of surviving a disaster and still having a home to go to. 

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