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Baby Proofing Your Hotel Room

If you happen to have a baby or toddler, more than likely you've already baby proofed your entire home. So what do you do when you travel? Here are some tips on baby proofing your hotel room...

baby laying on hotel bedIf you happen to have a baby, more than likely you’ve already baby proofed your entire home. However, if you travel frequently, you may end up taking your baby or toddler with you on trips, and you’ll probably end up in a hotel room from time to time. Unless you want your baby to have a field day with the hotel room, you’re going to have to take a few steps to baby proof your hotel room as well. Most people don’t even think about this until it’s too late and disaster has stuck. So, here are several important tips that will help you to baby proof your hotel room. It’s sheer self preservation!

Tip #1 – Take Plastic Electrical Outlet Plugs – When you know that you’re going to have to stay in a hotel, it’s a great idea to take along some plastic electrical outlet plugs. The last thing you need is your baby deciding to stick fingers or a pen in the electrical outlet and getting hurt. You can simply take care of this by just putting in the plugs for the outlets so your baby cannot get to them. It will only take a few minutes to complete, they are quite inexpensive, and you’ll be keeping your baby safe.

Tip #2 – Move Potential Spills Out of Reach – If there is anything around that can spill, you need to get it out of reach so your baby can’t get to it. After a long day of traveling you don’t want to end up cleaning up a huge mess. So, make sure that you move drinks, sample shampoos that are often in hotel rooms, and make sure you keep your toiletries out of reach as well. Babies will try to drink or spill about anything, so the best idea is to just keep potential spills out of their reach.

Tip #3 – Shut the Bathroom Door – Shutting the bathroom door is a great idea as well to keep your hotel room baby proof. You don’t want to turn your back, only to have your baby decide the toilet is a nice place to play. Also, if they can get the water on, in many hotels it can be scalding hot and burn them. So, it’s just best to make sure that you keep the bathroom door closed at all times. Buy what if your baby can open the bathroom door? Check to see if the hotel can give you a key and make sure the door is locked. What I also did on my last trip is prop a heavy chair between the bathroom door and front door.

Tip #4 – Lock Doors and Windows – Make sure to lock all the doors and windows as well when you’re in your hotel room. This is a common safety procedure, but you don’t want to have problems with intruders and you don’t want your baby pushing a door open and getting out of the room.

Tip #5 – Tie Up Curtain Cords – Curtain cords can be dangerous to babies, since they can get caught on them and strangle. If you have curtain or drape cords in your hotel room, take a few minutes and tie the cords up out of your babies reach. This way they won’t be tempted to try to play with them when you’re not looking.

These are just a few important tips to remember when you stay in a hotel the next time with your baby. With just a few minutes, you can sweep the room, baby proof it, and you’ll be able to rest more comfortably.

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